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Welcome to inSession Therapy

"Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open, and rules are flexible - the kind of atmosphere that is found in a nurturing family."
~ Virginia Satir

Welcome to inSession website! I am here to provide an environment of support, acceptance, and resources to help people through their difficult times. I believe a safe and therapeutic environment helps guide individuals, families, and couples through the healing process, allowing for a great sense of hope and freedom. If it is working through a challenging situation, or searching to develop a new direction in life, I will partner or come along side to provide the support and resources to achieve your goals. Everyone has times in their life when what they are doing is not working, or is not working as well as they would like. Humans naturally desire to have a purposeful and goal-oriented life, motivated by having a sense of belonging and order, and connection with self and others. Therapy can provide that support, community, and encouragement for you and your loved ones. 


We have freedom of choice to be a product of what others may have placed on us or we can make a decision to become aware of who we are and where we want to go.  Whether the issue is a problem from the past, or challenges in the present, you can make the changes necessary to feel better and have healthier relationships with others, and most importantly with yourself.  


My contact information is included.  Please feel free to call or e-mail with questions. I look forward to meeting and talking with you soon!

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